….. and relax

It was too much to hope for that our Friday  evening flight from Luton would leave on time. An hour’s delay meant that it was nearly 0130 before we arrived at the boat but at least the roads were clear! A quick cup of coffee sitting in the cockpit (it was still around 20+ degrees) and then to bed. We were awoken this morning by our neighbours chatting at around 8am, which is not exactly early but it felt like the middle of the night. We had lots to do to get the boat ready so up we got. Our breakfast (and lunch) consisted of  banana bread Jo made the day before, so it wasn’t long before we were putting up sails and checking everything was working as it should. Peter had done a sterling job on the list we had given him but we  wanted to check that things were set up right. (As every skipper knows, we all have a slightly different way of doing things!)

Finally, around 2.30pm, we set off for the supermarket to do our shop at the hottest time of day as it was now 29 degrees in the shade. €150 later and laden down with food, we walked back to the boat. A late afternoon snack of prawns and fresh bread kept us going for the next set of chores – Bimini, sprayhood, jack stays (length of webbing to attach yourself in bad weather so you don’t fall off the boat!) and the rest of the safety equipment.

Finally, a shower and a gin and tonic in the cockpit before a meal ashore at the Royal Malta Yacht Club. Whilst Jo didn’t need to slow down and chill, Liz certainly did after a very hectic few weeks.


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  1. Graham says:

    I felt like I was there reading this. We’re off to the West Coast of Scotland on Sunday for a week: we’ll not have the sun but we’ll manage sone gin!

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