This time next week ……

We are off to see Nimmie next weekend so by next Friday, we will be ensconced on her at her new mooring. Current forecast for next Friday is 20 degrees C and no rain!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have also had a diver look at her to see whether the coral worm has returned.As you can see, there looks to be a bit of growth round the prop and on parts of the keel where the rust has come through but the copper coat looks to be working okay on the rest of the hull. When we had her lifted in Tropea, we weren’t able to apply any protection to the prop and shaft so I’m not surprised that there is some growth there.


We will have another good look when we are there next week and I suspect that we will have her lifted out during the winter for a few weeks. The keel can then taken back to get rid of the rust and new copper coat applied. We will then get proper protection put on the shaft and propellor.




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3 Responses to This time next week ……

  1. jothesnow says:

    Hi Jo
    We had a similar issue with the prop and drive shaft. We painted some antifoul impregnated wax onto them. It was messy, but seemed to work well. Cheap and easy to do yourself too 🙂

  2. Jo F says:

    Thanks Jo. Do you remember the name of it? If it was Lanocote and, if so, where did you get it from?

  3. jothesnow says:

    I will ask Nigel – I know he was given it by a friend – but we should be able to find out for you.

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