Eager to see her

We are flying out later today to do some work on Nimmie. She should be out of the water in the boatyard next to the marina as we have booked her in for a polish and replacement caulking on the teak decks. Caulking is like a black silicone sealer you put between the teak strips. Ours has deteriorated badly in the Med sunshine although it hasn’t been repaired since she was built in 1998!

We are planning on touching up the copper coat (anti foul alternative) where the loose anode on the shaft ground the original copper coat away as well as check all is well below the waterline. She should also have a pressure wash to get rid of all that green slime. She has done a lot of miles in the two years since she was last lifted and cleaned.

As she is in the yard, we aren’t allowed to stay on her so have booked a hotel nearby.

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  1. Maddy says:

    Have a great time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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