First trip in 2014!

Finally sorted out a weekend to go out to the boat to check on her. It won’t be until the end of January so it will have been 3 months since we left Nimrod in her new home (end of October) , which I think is the longest we have ever left her! Can’t wait to get a bit of sunshine (hopefully) but also to do some maintenance on her including servicing the engine. Whilst we are there we will try to sort out a date with the boatyard to replace the rubber caulking on the teak deck – for those who came out to visit last summer, you will be mightily relieved when it no longer melts onto your shoes or even bare feet!

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1 Response to First trip in 2014!

  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    Hope you both have a great time. We were out yesterday but no wind so engine only!!

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