Six chicks hit Sardinia

Day one:
We arrived at Nimrod in time for breakfast beers, was this to set the pattern for things to come? Foolishly allowed Benny to select a play list which consisted of Kenny Rogers! Thank god for Jo and Liz’s Ibiza mix. Enjoyed a lazy afternoon familiarising ourselves with our setting. Sampled cocktails and lobsters that bit back in the old town. There were reports of locals and other tourists being attacked by flying lobster shell!

Day two:
Started early (12.30) in anticipation of turquoise sea and sandy cove. Wind was lacking but sun was high so motored over to Porto Conte. Spent the evening swimming in lovely bay shared with some local mullet and star fish. Beautiful BBQ meat feast accompanied by local ravers till 6am.

Day 3:
After a trip to the local market we managed to get the sails up (for 30mins as wind wasn’t in our favour) and impress skipper with our race team potential! Sailed passed the fabulous Neptune grotto and honey combed cliffs. Trip made extra special by sharing the seas with two dolphins. Porto Ferro didn’t disappoint, yet more turquoise sea and sweeping beaches but this time with a back drop of old look out towers and a few naked gay boys. Swimming and lilo fun had by all although Liz Wall is still mourning the loss of her €2 toy(!) The evening continued with beers, a feast of cous cous and hammock swinging. Unfortunately, the peace was broken at 2am when the swell became too much and Jo announced to her crew “that’s it, we’re moving” and a night sail ensured. We arrived back at Porto Conte and the local rave at 5.30am ready for our beauty sleep.

Day four:
Once again a lovely breakfast enjoyed on deck in the beautiful sunshine. Had to hoist Liz Wall up the mast to stop her running off to the local beach bar disco! Meanwhile, we spent our time diving to take a look at the fish, giant clam and retrieving various objects! (Sorry about your camera lens Ali!). Had ten knots of wind so were looking forward to a sail again, but sadly after raising the sail wind dropped to 4 – So once again the team were thwarted at being able to show their great racing team potential.
When back in harbour we scrubbed Nimrod within an inch of her life, before heading for dinner at Kings restaurant for our last evening meal together……lovely 🙂

Quotes of the week:

“Darling that’s an onion!”
“Night time, day time”
“Crisp time, beer time”
“Shit, shit, shit”
“Al, al, al, al, al”
“Quick, where’s the fishing net”
“What?! I’m just eating cheese off ben’s shin”
“That’s it we’re moving! (Darling do you mind if I have a sleep!”)
“It’s 5.45am, why aren’t they in bed?”

Pictures of our time on Nimrod including BBQ, beach fun, eating out and beautiful sunset.










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3 Responses to Six chicks hit Sardinia

  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    Hi chicks looks great!!

  2. jothesnow says:

    Very jealous – looks fab 🙂

  3. Eva Gonzalez says:

    Looks Like everyone had a great time…..

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