Guests blog – SY Nimrod – 20/06/13 – Calvi

Yesterday saw us departing the delightful Girolata after a lazy breakfast, at 10.20.

Discussion between skipper (Jo) and first mate (Liz) about the necessity of sails resulted in the good ship Nimrod, which our generous hosts have transformed from weekend cruiser to an ocean capable home away from home, motoring close inshore enabling us to savour the beauty of the rock colours and formations of the Corsican national park. The pilot books had us expecting every hue from indigo to grey and clefts cut into cliff faces soaring to 2,000 ft. Impressive and beautiful as the coastline is we suspect that some of the notes may have been written after a lunch anchored close inshore off one of the numerous bays and imbibing of a glass or two.

Still a few miles south of La Revellata the wind seemed favourable for the cruising chute so discussion ensued followed by action the net result of which is that it is now in the saloon rather than under a bunk in the fore peak. Fickle winds putting paid to the more drastic action of actually hoisting.

Not long after, as Jo and I were sitting in the cockpit discussing the attributes of the next passing super yacht, I passed a warning of “wash” to those below – little bounce, bigger bounce – screech from below! Who had opened the saloon hatch and left the heads open a notch? Liz who was editing on Jo’s laptop and CJ, who shall we say in the smallest room, were soaked. An amazing amount of water from one wave. No damage so all well.

We picked up a mooring buoy off the marina in the shadow of the walled town of Calvi which amongst its many delights hosts a detachment of the French Foreign Legion who provided a distraction or two as we explored the old town.

Provisioning complete a sundowner was enjoyed to the sound of rhythmic drumming starting of a night of live music. One street back from the waterfront we were spoilt for choice of places to eat opting for a restaurant that provided more than an adequate sufficiency alfresco. Safely back onboard live music wafted across the bay.

Another tough day drew to a close. Pictures below of Calvi from the mooring buoy (day and night) and of Nimrod from the citadel.

Colin (Weston)




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  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    Such hard work!!

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