We have spent the last few days getting Nimrod ready to be left for the winter. This is making us very sad as it means that this episode of our adventure is drawing to a close. We have taken the opportunity of being in a marina to wash the boat down thoroughly as we have the luxury of water, clean the chrome, put away the dinghy until Spring, take off the genoa sail (the one at the front) and wash the sheets (both the ropes to the genoa and the bedding!).

We are going back to the UK for a week and then are back in Alghero to have the boat lifted out of the water so that we can inspect her and continue the maintenance regime. The weather here has turned much cooler in the evenings but still generally warm enough during the day for t-shirts and shorts. I suspect that it won’t be the same in the UK! We have managed to have lunch outside every day and the light in the late afternoon has been just stunning.


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1 Response to Winterisation

  1. Madeline Malthouse says:

    Dont worry lots of adventures to come!!!

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