The Mistral has arrived

Yesterday was all about battening down the hatches for the storm that started on Friday evening and has been building ever since. We have seen winds of 46 knots for several hours today so we haven’t strayed far from the boat. We have put metal springs on the stern lines so that they take the strain of the boat being tossed and pulled (fetch) rather than just the lines. With this amount of wind the boats get pushed against each other very hard so we have been checking everything is okay every hour or so.

Tomorrow, Caroline and Val arrive in the early morning having caught the plane at 0600 so we will go to the shops first thing as the fridge is playing up again.

Pictures of our fancy new springs and Alghero in the wind!




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2 Responses to The Mistral has arrived

  1. Sam says:

    Rather glad we came to see you in sept…. Hope the springs worked

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