Success at last – Barracuda caught at Stintino

Sunday evening saw us in Porto Torres so that we could pick up Isolda and Liz who were staying with us for a few days. When we arrived the marina office was shut up and it looked like the place had gone into administration! Still, there were water and electricity so we didn’t mind. We showered on board and then had roast chicken for dinner. Porto Torres is a large commercial port with nothing much to recommend it so not having to pay for the berth seemed only fair.

Isolda and Liz duly arrived around lunchtime on Monday and seemed to have brought the UK weather with them – overcast, rain but at least not cold. 

After lunch, we left Porto Torres and headed NW towards Asinara National Park to find an anchorage for the night. The heavens opened, however, so we made to Stintino marina as we all needed showers and a hot meal. Liz and Isolda had been up since 2am so also needed a good night’s sleep rather than be on anchor watch!

We arrived at Stintino around 5pm and for once there was someone to help with our lines. The office was open and we even got free wifi that worked!

The crowning glory of our visit was that a Barracuda of at least three feet was caught in the marina. On investigation, we found that Barracudas greater than 18 inches are potentially poisonous so, regretfully, we had to throw it back. However, we have photographic proof with Isolda holding our catch.

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1 Response to Success at last – Barracuda caught at Stintino

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    Wow what an experience to catch such a fish. We have only seen 2 in 12 years here.

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