It feels like autumn has arrived in the Med as it now gets much cooler in the evening but daytime is still hot enough for shorts and vest tops although the mosquitoes still bite! After washing the laundry this morning in a washing machine – a rare and expensive treat – we spent the day looking around the town.

As the current town dates back to 13th century, there are many narrow streets to wander down with interesting shops and restaurants. It is an old fortified town and even has steps down to the sea that apparently were carved out by the King of Aragon’s men during a siege in 1420. There are about 200 steps but the view is amazing.

The marina is set in a white cliffed gorge below the town with many bars and restaurants on the quayside as well as day tripper boats that go out to numerous calas and caves along the nearby coast.

Pictures of King Aragon’s Steps, the citadel from the marina, looking down from the citadel and views across the bay.





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