Despite the lack of facilities at Porto Corallo, we treated ourselves to pizzas, a carafe of the local house red and dessert in the form of deep fried ricotta ravioli and a ricotta tart with golden syrup. Very good value for €20 each.

Today was another glorious day with blue, cloudless skies and temperatures in the high 20s. As we were berthed with plenty of space around us, Jo washed the hull and Liz repaired some headlining that had come away in a couple of cupboards due to the heat. We also filled up with fuel at €1.99 per litre – the most we have paid anywhere but I suspect that it will be even more expensive on the Smeralda coast.

We then continued up the east coast and although the wind was light to start with, after a couple of hours we were able to put up the cruising chute again for the rest of the day. We arrived at Arbatax around 1830 and we again helped into our berth – stern to – by very friendly marina staff who then leapt onto the boat to help with our lines. We didn’t really need it but he was very enthusiastic. This is one of the marinas we are thinking about for the winter and to our amazement they also have potable water. Now whilst you may think that this is not a big issue, this is the first marina in the Med since Gibraltar where the quality of the water is drinkable. Luckily, we have a water maker but we need deep water to use it so it is not always practicable.

Another picture of our cruising chute today.


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