Calas Tuent and Calobra

After spending the night in Deià, we sailed north to have lunch at Cala Tuent before moving on to Calobra. Cala Calobra is set in a gorge where the Torrent de Parais is one of the main attractions of Mallorca. We anchored in 10m and had a stunning view of the gorge this morning before all the tourists arrived. Calobra was the setting for the film, Atlas, with Leonardo di Caprio and Hailey Berry.

We then had a cracking sail to the very north of Mallorca to Pollença where we will sadly drop off Sam and Mags tomorrow but will be welcoming Maria Bagust.

Pictures of swimming at Deià and Cala Calobra.



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2 Responses to Calas Tuent and Calobra

  1. Carol Bennion says:

    Sounds like you are still having a fab time. The weather is still great here. Have a safe journey and enjoy the sun .x

  2. madeline malthouse says:

    Weather getting cooler here 25 today Have been off line for 5 days will contact you again soon.

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