Ready for royalty

Today has been a day of preparation as we are to have a royal visit – otherwise known as Liz’s mum and dad. We have scrubbed the boat inside and out, erected the bimini and shopped for hours. Well, to be fair, the reason the shopping took forever was because we decided to go to Carrefour which is about a 30 minute walk each way and of course, completely laden on the way home. Not helped by the fact that it is over 30 degrees here today and scheduled to be all week.

Rota itself is a nice town with a medieval quarter full of tapas bars and restaurants. Most of which look pretty good and we will be testing them tomorrow night in celebration of Liz’s birthday. It also has a beach which is immaculately clean with showers and lifeguards.

Flags at the ready
Rota beach

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3 Responses to Ready for royalty

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    Enjoy your tapas.have a great day

  2. iewall says:

    Dear Liz and Jo,
    The royalty is there for a reason – happy bithday to a wonderful girl 🙂
    Some members of the Norwegians Walls send their greetings in the picture, that I will send as a separate email
    Cheers from us and enjoy your BIG day
    Lots of Love x

  3. sam says:

    Happy birthday Liz x Sam and Mags

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