Yesterday was a day for chores. Food shopping for the next 5 days as we will be at anchor, laundry and fitting the new split charge diode that we bought in Lisbon. We also went into Lagos (pronounced Lagosh) later on to find it buzzing until midnight with a lot of the shops open and with various market stalls selling all sorts of tat so, of course we had to go around most of them!

Today was a lazy morning doing admin as we had a good wifi connection and a run out in the dinghy to the grottos that were just outside the harbour entrance. They were quite pretty but not as amazing as the guide books make out. We left the marina just after lunch when the bridge opened at 1400 to make a very long journey to Portimao – all 9 miles of it!

We are currently anchored in a bay just inside the harbour with about 25 other boats. There were more here when we arrived about 1600 but many have gone back into the marina for the evening. Apparently, this happens quite a lot along the Algarve – boats come out for the day but go back into a marina for the evening. That suits us as we will hopefully be anchoring for the next few days until we reach Cadiz on Sunday.


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2 Responses to Portimao

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    You have done very well

  2. lee says:

    Ah I love Portimao, an unusually tasteful spot for the Algarve.

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