Last of the Rias

We are in Ria de Vigo in a bay called Ensenada de Barra. This is about 30 miles from Vilagarcia and the last of the Spanish Rias. We are anchored off a beach (apparently renowned for being a nudist one!) with turquoise water in 27 degrees on a beautiful summer’s evening. it is an idyllic spot for our next to last night in Galicia as tomorrow we will stay in Bayona to refuel. If only the weather had been like this the rest of our time in NW Spain, we might have similarly appreciated all the other Rias in a similar way. What a difference the weather makes!


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2 Responses to Last of the Rias

  1. Wanda Goldwag says:

    That looks more like it – I have to say so far as a non boat person it has all seemed a bit tough

    • Jo F says:

      You’re not wrong. It hasn’t been the best weather over the last two and a half months and we haven’t been at work but the weather has been crap! Liz has been wearing her Uggs of an evening and we have had to wear full sailing gear during the day!

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