Ria de Muros and Arosa

So we woke up about 8am after doing anchor watches through the night. Unnecessary but we feel better with one or two on the first night. Muros looked so nice that we decided to launch the dinghy to go and explore. Lovely village but probably looked better from a distance. We got back to Nimrod around 11am and prepared to leave. Raising the anchor by hand is becoming our daily workout. After we had left the harbour we could smell burning by the chart table and noticed one of the cables smoking. We quickly turned around and dropped the anchor again in order to turn everything off and investigate. Eventually we realised that as part of the new engine fit out we now have a 115 amp alternator versus the 60 amp one on the old engine and so the diode to split the engine charge between the batteries is sized for a 90 amp alternator. So we need to get a new one. In the meantime keeping the engine revs low should mean that we do not have the problem again.

Anyway by the time we sorted all that out it was 2pm and we needed to crack on. We had no wind for our trip to Vilagarcia in the Ria de Arosa and so motored all the way, although the temperature did reach 30 deg C for the first time while we have been away.
Ria de Arosa is a vast ria with lots of picturesque villages and islands and extensive sailing opportunities (if there is any wind!!)

We are planning to stay in Vilagarcia for a couple of days in order to do a day trip to the pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela.



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1 Response to Ria de Muros and Arosa

  1. madeline malthouse says:

    We have plenty of wind and a lot of hot weather of 34 degrees.will send you some! we are expecting a week of high winds

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