This was supposed to be a gentle sail from Viveiro to Cedeira (30nm) so that we had a pleasant lazy afternoon in a pretty location, tucked into a Ria, laying at anchor. Of course, the wind ended up being on the nose, the swell significant and we spent the whole day beating to windward. (this means that the direction we wanted to go was exactly where the wind was coming from so we had to tack back and forth to try to go forward.) ended up doing 46 miles in total and that was with the engine on for the last hour or so as we decided we had had enough! Now sitting at anchor in a pretty bay but the weather isn’t great – low cloud and drizzle. The good news is that the wind is supposed to move round to the NW and that should make for a quiet night but who knows!


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  1. madeline malthouse says:

    Keep going!!!!! Will get better. Our french friends arrive on 8th August and we leave on 10th. Gordon returns on the 27th and Maddy returns on 4th Sept. Cant believe that we are possibly not going to meet after all this!!!!

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