Engine out tomorrow

The man from the marina duly arrived at 1010 this morning to tow us the 4 miles from Le Chateau round to Moulin Blanc marina. We got here about 1100 and once we were secure we went in search of our engineer, M. Launay. We managed to find his workshop just before midday – very important in France as everyone stops for lunch between 12 and 2. He wasn’t there but his staff promised he would ring us this afternoon.

Just before 6, he duly appeared with one of his engineers to look at how they would get the engine out. We all decided that a couple of panels could come off and the engine should be able to slide out into the saloon and then with a block and tackle be hoisted through the companionway.

So, at 0900 tomorrow he will return to supervise the dismantling and removal of our engine. Once it is in their workshop, they will be able to see what is what is wrong and whether it can be fixed. We will try and get the panels off ourselves tonight so that they are not damaged and it means we are not charged for them doing it!

The weather here has been fab today, supposedly 24 degrees but feeling much hotter in the sun and without a breeze until late afternoon. It definitely felt like summer had arrived as we had lunch in the cockpit and then spent a couple of hours reading. Lovely.

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5 Responses to Engine out tomorrow

  1. jothesnow says:

    Good luck with all that tomorrow – we’ll be thinking of you. Hope it goes well xxx

  2. Eva Gonzalez says:

    Hope all goes well tomorrow and the engine can be fixed,… In the interim enjoy your lovely evening…

  3. Sam says:

    You should support your engine’s brave decision to “come out”

  4. SueP says:

    shame it had to have a breakdown first 😦
    -hope it is fixed for you soon

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