Pampered in Paimpol

Arrived in Paimpol on the north Brittany Coast. An interesting entrance as it dries to over 4 metres so you need a big tide to get safely through. However, the scenery is stunning and we are now safely in a locked marina in the centre of town. Mooring up was fun as there was a gap just big enough to get into but boats rafted off each side so a bit like parallel parking a 12m car! There is much hooting of cars in the town so I don’t know whether there has been a declaration about the French presidential elections or that they are just happy to see us.

Pictures of Paimpol including the channel to the marina at low tide!

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6 Responses to Pampered in Paimpol

  1. jill says:

    Exit polls say Hollande has won. First socialist president for 17 years. I think they said it is the first time a serving President has lost. So it could be that – or they just may be pleased you are in town!

  2. sharon Kingsley says:

    Sounds like fun, am a little jealous!! I am not telling my husband about your trip, it might give him ideas!!! He’s been renting little sailboats here in Florida and loving it. How long do you guys plan to be traveling? Thank you so much for sending the link to your blog, I will enjoy living vicariously!

    Sharon Coolidge Kingsley

  3. Ian Wilson says:

    Safe trip, sounds great. Certainly beats gloss and emulsion! Ian

  4. Sue Carter says:

    Hi girls, glad your adventure is now underway. We love reading your blog. Missed you both at Center Parcs, wasn’t the same without you rushing around on roller blades!! Love S and S

  5. Jane (Towers) says:

    Have wonderful time, keep safe and keep posting. Its great to hear your adventures. Jane x

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