Nimmie knows best or maybe just doesn’t want to leave

There we were thinking that we were about to leave and Nimmie decided we weren’t! The fail safe equipment decided to jam. Somehow the hydro vane that is our wind driven auto pilot managed to get jammed and a pin seized on the duogen so we couldn’t change the blades from wind generator to towing generator. Once these were sorted, we missed the fuel pontoon and didn’t want to go off with half a tank of fuel.

So, tomorrow we will get fuel, go for a day sail and try out all the gadgets so that we are ready to go once the next low front has gone through on Sunday.

The good news is that the water maker pump has been replaced and is working well!

This has to be one of the most prolonged goodbyes in history! Ah well, some things are meant to be. 

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1 Response to Nimmie knows best or maybe just doesn’t want to leave

  1. jill says:

    Remember it is a bank holiday here in France on Tuesday 1st of May (when apparently you are allowed to sell as many bunches of lily of the valley as you like without declaring your profit to the tax people) and again on the Tuesday the 8th. Don’t know what it is like in the north of France but round here most things are shut (apart from the lily of the valley sellers) so get in your supplies of wine and cheese on Monday. xxx jill

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