The Packing Has Begun!

The momental task of trying to sort out what clothes we should take with us has begun! We are figuring that we will have about three/four weeks of clothes with us plus one smarter set (in case we get invited out!). Then there are the shoes – how many pairs of sandals will we get through? Do we take trainers, deck shoes, walking boots…….the list goes on and on. With us leaving in April, thermals are a must as we will be sailing at night and we all know how cold it can be even in early May.

Then there is the packing up of the rest of our belongings so that the house sitter can move in. After that it’s down to the boat to make room for all of the above!

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1 Response to The Packing Has Begun!

  1. Robin says:

    Congratulations on your appointment Liz and happy sailing!

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