With the onslaught of mobile technology, trying to work out what we need for the Med is a labyrinth of possibilities. We have decided that SSB radio (long distance ham radio) is over the top but we need to be able to access voice and data from our phones and computers – if only to update this blog! It is somewhat ironic that we are sailing into the distance to get away from day to day pessures and decide what we really want to do for the next few years, yet here we are trying to work out how to keep in touch!

However, we have decided to install a wireless antenna that can pick up a signal over 5 miles away, which is fine as long as there is a hotspot in range. The FON network gives you access to hotspots that other FON  members have set up around the world. All for an initial outlay of £45. We have also bought a roaming voice SIM card that will give us free calls in and low costs out. In addition, we have also purchased a pay as you go data SIM card for when we don’t have wireless coverage. As we are coastal hopping, we should have communication most of the time.

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