Blowy Faro

Leaving Portimao this morning, we has a gentle sail in 30 degrees towards Faro where we intended to anchor in one of the lagoons just inside the breakwater. It is very flat here and a bit exposed so we have tried to find a spot that gives us a bit of shelter from the 20 knot winds that are bearing down on us.

We had intended to spend the day here but winds of 30 knots are forecast for the next two days so we will journey about 25 miles east to the Rio Guadiana which is the boundary between Portugal and Spain. We will then go up river and anchor so we should be sheltered from the worst of it until Sunday morning and then make our way to Cadiz.


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2 Responses to Blowy Faro

  1. Carol Bennion says:

    When will you be in Torrevieja ? Heard a lot about you from madelaine and Gordon . Good luck with the rest of the tip

  2. madeline malthouse says:

    I see the nice neighbours of ours are watching your progress too. Safe journey to Cadiz.

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